Reliquum Apricot

Reliquum Apricot


London Dry Gin blended with our tree-ripened apricots.

A delicious sun-kissed spirit with the natural sweetness of sun-blushed apricots and complimented by a subtle undertone of almonds.

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Apricots are grown in traditional orchards and left to naturally ripen to develop the fullest flavour. Nothing else is added and nothing taken away.

Taste: Smooth with the distinct aroma of ripe apricots.

Appearance: A beautiful sunny clear orange from the natural colour of the apricots.

Serving: Delicious drunk on its own over ice or with a splash of soda or tonic water; or add a drop of Reliquum Apricot to Prosecco.

Orchard: Great Oakley

ABV: 20%

Bottle:  700ml