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Our Mission

We want to get rid of all food waste on our farm and are well on the way to doing so.

Tackling on farm food waste

Every year tonnes of fruit are wasted around the country because it’s too big, too small or too ugly to be sold. We are determined to create a more sustainable way of farming by finding new uses for the apples, pears, apricots and plums we grow which while perfectly tasty, have not made the grade required by retailers.

In 2017 we launched Cotchel apple and apple and pear juice to use all the unloved apples and pears. We then turned our attention to finding a use for our plums and apricots and the idea of Reliquum was born.

Across the farm, we work with Fareshare, Oddbox, gleaning networks like Feedback and food waste pioneers Rubies in the Rubble to ensure we don’t waste harvested crops of fruit or vegetables. 

Own Grown Botanicals

We have a lot of botanicals growing on the farm, from wild plants to citrus, coriander and angelica so in the not too distant future we hope to create our own gin made from 100% of our own ingredients.


Our farm and orchards are abundant with wildlife because as farmers we believe it is our duty to care for the land, for the benefit of future generations.  We manage the farm sensitively to try to encourage wildlife and to ensure we reduce our impact on the wider, global environment. 

The five on farm reservoirs and their surrounds are our own nature reserves and the farm is home to a variety of wildlife. Recent years has seen further tree and hedge planting including the threatened Black Poplar as part of a wetland habitat creation.

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Some rare species thrive on our farm including rare birds and a healthy water vole population monitored in association with Essex Wildlife Trust.  We are also members of the RSPB Volunteer & Farmer Alliance.


 All our electricity on-farm is wither generated on-site or supplied from renewable sources by Good Energy. We have a constantly evolving program of conservation works, whether it is habitat creation, tree planting or endangered species support.

English Spirit Distillery

English Spirit Distillery

English Spirit Distillery

Reliquum London Dry is made in partnership with the English Spirit Distillery, the UK's most experienced small batch distillers. Founded by Dr John Walters (a former biochemist) in 2011, they have gone from being one of the UK's first small batch distilleries to producing the world's widest variety of spirits and liqueurs distilled under one roof. Their products have received over 100 international awards to date, and are loved by spirit connoisseurs all over the land.

All of their spirits are distilled entirely from scratch, with no spirit bought in from elsewhere. Only fresh ingredients are used in the distillation process, and each product is made in one of their twenty small 200 litre copper pot stills. Every aspect of production is tightly controlled, meaning that the bottled end product has smoothness, depth and complexity of flavour that can't be found in any other spirit. With 10,000+ hours spent at the stills, Dr John and the team have had a lot of practice; making them true masters of their craft. They were one of the first small batch distilleries in the UK to distil vodka, the first to distil rum (and still one of the only distilleries to do so), and currently the only ones to distil English sambuca and Cucumber Spirit, a world first.

The distillery at Great Yeldham Hall, Essex, is housed in a 200 year old barn, to which which Dr John and the team encourage anyone that would like to visit and see things for themselves. Celebrating English heritage and provenance are an important part of everything English Spirit do - from the ingredients used in products to the environment in which they are made.

We are inspired by this quote from Tristram Stuart,
sustainability champion and Founder of Feedback & Toast Ale

If you want to change the world, you have to throw a better party than those destroying it.
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