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reliquum - all that remains

small batch spirits

Made with fruit grown on our farm


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spirit of reliquum


small batch spirits

RELIQUUM LONDON DRY is an exceptionally smooth citrusy gin mellowed with the floral sweetness of apple. It is distilled with our own farm-grown botanicals: an eau de vie made from our apples and with the fruit and leaves of Calamondin citrus. A collaboration with Master Distiller Dr John Waters of the English Spirit Distillery.

RELIQUUM PLUM - is a sophisticated spirit of London Dry Gin blended with Lizzie plums. We add nothing else and allow the flavours to gently mature to produce a bright and sharp spirit with a subtle-almond after-taste.

RELIQUUM APRICOT - blends our tree-ripened apricots with London Dry Gin to create a delicious sun-kissed spirit. The natural sweetness of sun-blushed apricots is complimented by a subtle undertone of almonds.



An exceptionally smooth london dry gin
distilled with Apple and
Calamondin citrus
grown on our farm

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We're on a mission to reduce food waste

and use all the fruit we grow on our farm,

no matter what it looks like

after all it's what it tastes like that counts.

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Our fruit


made with FRUIT naturally ripened on the tree to develop the fullest flavour.

We have been growing fruit on our family farm in Essex since 1948. Fruit which is too big, too small, odd shaped or literally bursting from surging growth after a summer shower is married with selected London Dry Gin to create Reliquum Plum and Reliquum Apricot.

Our London Dry Gin is distilled with an eau de vie made from our apples and farm grown Calamondin. We aim to not waste any fruit, so fruit not sold to market, or made into our sister brand COTCHEL juices is used to create our Eau de Vie.

We also run extensive trial plantings of botanicals and trees on our farm, allowing us to use the distinctive Calamondin from our citrus trials to help deliver this gin’s unique taste.

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