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A small batch spirit
London dry gin Blended
with tree-ripened fruiT

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the spirit of reliquum

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Reliquum is a new small batch spirit - Delicious on its own over ice, or with a splash of soda or tonic. 

Reliquum is a new small batch spirit made from London Dry Gin blended with our Lizzie plums. We add nothing else and allow the flavours to gently mature until all that remains is the perfect Reliquum taste.

Its glorious iridescent pink colour comes from the natural colour of the plums. The taste is bright and sharp with a subtle-almond after-taste.


Our Fruit

Reliquum is made with plums allowed to naturally ripen on the tree to develop the fullest flavour.  

We have been growing fruit on our family farm in Essex since 1948 and are the only growers of the Lizzie plum - a truly special fruit with a hint of sharpness but sweet on the inside.

Fruit which is too big, too small, odd shaped or literally bursting from surging growth after a summer shower is married with selected London Dry Gin to create Reliquum. 


reliquum cocktails



We're on a mission to reduce food waste

and use all the fruit we grow on our farm,

no matter what it looks like

after all it's what it tastes like that counts.

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